A Place Where You Can Send Your Senior Family Member And Be Completely Relaxed

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Care1’s slogan of “People First” says a lot about how they practically operate. They provide care and disability services to families with older people in need of it.Care1 is accredited and certified by 5 different associations including Health Adult Australia so you can be rest assured about their credibility. Their customer satisfaction is over 96% as of 2016. They have also been in the business for over a decade so their staff is highly professional, which is also, in detail, mentioned on their page.

What to Expect
The provided services by Care1.com.au are widely spread. You can find their locations in 17 different locations throughout Australia including full area of Sydney. Care1 provides services ranging from basic care such as personal hygiene for the disabled, daily life outdoor and indoor tasks to child care services, social and community support and much more.

Care1 has special programs branched under Aged Care for the general elderly population, Community Care where the older people have access to a community, Disability Support for the elderly and for people with Acquired Brain Injuries who need special care needed with their treatment.

Other services by Care1.com.au include National Disability Insurance Scheme as a program for families that have elderly who require special needs, the life time care and support authority of NSW and much more 3rd party plans are available through Care1.com.au

It is Safe
If you are a little skeptical and worried about the safety of the environment due to their staff, you can relax as Care1 checks the criminal background of each and every worker they have before they hire them. So if you want attendant care delivered to your home for your elderly, you do not need to stay worried.

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