Breast Augmentation Offered By New Day Plastic Surgery

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Before we tell you about the specific San Antonio breast augmentation services offered by the clinic named as New Day Plastic Surgery, we would like to shed a little light on what breast augmentation is. Breast augmentation refers to surgical procedures through which the size and shape of the breast gets changed according to the patient’s will.

Why do women go for breast augmentation?
There are people who always wonder why women bother with plastic surgeries to improve their appearance. The answer is that it is an individual’s choice if he/she wants to get dome aspect of his/her body changed in any way. Many times injuries or illnesses misshape the body which is easily corrected through plastic surgeries. In the case of breast augmentation, women often get it after they deal with breast cancer. Others get the procedure done because they are not happy with their breasts and want them to get bigger and in a better shape than the natural one.

Breast augmentation by New Day Plastic Surgery
The clinic is quite famous for breast augmentation and other breast related surgeries. When it comes to breast augmentation, they want the patient to feel completely satisfied with their body so the surgeons have an in depth talk with the patient to know what exactly the patient desires. After discussing the size, fullness and shape of the breast, the procedure is done by an expert surgeon under local anesthesia. The clinic offers two types of breast augmentation processes which are common; silicone and saline implants. Both are quite similar but the silicone implant feels more natural while the saline implants looks great and remains perky. The cost of both are different and the choice depends upon the patient.

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