Function of The Colon

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Your digestive system is a series of organs that are primarily responsible for the digestion of food in the body starting from the ingestion of the food in the mouth up to the release of waste to the anus. One of its parts is the large intestine or the colon.

The colon is where food goes to before it becomes solid waste. It is located within the abdominal cavity. It is comprised of four parts: transverse colon, ascending colon, sigmoid colon and descending colon. This ascending colon begins from the lower right part of the abdomen and goes straight up. From there, transverse colon goes across the abdomen, and down to the lower left of the abdomen is descending colon. This sigmoid colon is a short curve located before the rectum.

The colon has three functions. It is responsible for the absorption of water and minerals, for the acceptance and storage of matter that were digested in the small intestine and for the elimination of solid waste.

Limpieza de IntestinosThe colon is also responsible for the balance of fluid in our body. Before the solid waste is taken out from our body through the rectum, it is being stored up. Because of this, irregular bowel movement may result to reabsorption of toxic residues and/or production of harmful bacteria in the colon.

With this, limpieza de intestinos should be a regular habit by eating healthy and natural food to help your colon clean itself through a natural process of defecation. If you exercise for a fit body, it is in your diet that you successfully help your body release wastes that are not needed anymore.

Therefore, limpieza de intestinos is important to achieve a healthy body from within.