Smoking While Quitting

Do you tend to smoke when your boss starts to scold you for being late because you got caught in a traffic? Do you tend to smoke when after that, papers start to stack up on your table in the office? Do you tend to smoke when your spouse starts to get angry because you got home late for finishing your office work?

Do you tend to smoke when you’re tensed? When you’re worried? When you’re anxious?

Smoking is addictive. It contains nicotine that helps your nerves relieve and relax which uplifts your mood. Because of these effects, one tends to smoke more when he/she wants to chill out.

But smoking has bad effects not only with the smoker but also with the people around who inhales also the smoke. This leads to various fatal cancers and diseases… and sad people eventually.

Because of this, a lot of changed smokers want to quit. But how are they going to escape the sticky hands of this vice?

E-cigarettes may be the solution for this case. Electronic cigarettes, or more commonly called e-cigarettes, has heating coils that convert nicotine into vapor, lessening its inhalation to the person’s lungs.

Vapour TrailVapour trail are one of these e-cigs which claim that they can help smokers finally quit it. It comes in different kinds according to the type of user you are. Starter kits have two categories: 510 Vgo2 and 808 Vgo2. Kits include large battery models: JAC 510 and Vgo2. It also has a thread/connector: 510, 808, Ego, evod and Vgo2. Kits also has PCC.

So the next time you feel all stressed out and you need to cool it all down, Vapour trail fits the bill that may help you relax without the nicotine going to your lungs.

Prices range from £29.99 to £49.99.