Dietary Plan to Stop Snoring

istock_000072539439_medium-copy-20151029122004.jpg-q75,dx720y432u1r1gg,c--Snoring can have many causes, ranging from obesity to drinking or smoking. To stop snoring, there are many remedies and solutions presented by the stop snoring guru, like to lose weight, quit smoking, and avoid drinking, sleeping sideways and many more. Stop snoring believes that the snoring problem should be taken very seriously as it can have social and physical drawbacks for a person who snores.

The person who snores is in danger of straining the relationship with his/her partner and can cause couples to opt for sleeping separately. Stop snoring has researched that the problem of snoring among spouses is the 3rd most popular cause of divorce in the United States. This goes a step ahead to show how snoring can be harmful to you and why you should stop snoring immediately.

The remedies stop snoring guru mentioned were mostly physical or related to your will power. But here, stop snoring would like to inform you about a diet which can help you overcome the problem of snoring. A diet which has low amounts of prostaglandin can cause the airways to swell and obstruct which gives birth to the problem of snoring, according to stop snoring

A person who has a habit of snoring should substitute cow milk with soy milk to stop snoring. Cow milk has mucus and phlegm, which can cause obstruction and snoring starts to happen. Soy milk also prevents lactose intolerance which causes swelling. Other than that, stop snoring guru believes that honey is very effective in preventing snoring too. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe the throat muscles and hence it prevents snoring.

Stop snoring recommends a honey and tea mixture before bed to stop snoring. Some other dietary remedies to stop snoring ( include eating fish, turmeric and onions, all of which soothe the airways and help to stop snoring.

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