What Is Breast Augmentation And Its Different Types

Both genders are not always satisfied with their body the way it naturally is. Many times it becomes the root cause of self-esteem issues, depression, paranoia etc. Hence they seek to change their body through different means; some are home remedies but some of them do it through surgical means. A person who changes his/her body due to the aesthetics of it undergoes cosmetic surgery.

Women have been changing their bodies through surgery for years; most have a problem with their breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, lips, eyebrows, cheekbones etc. In this article we will talk about breast augmentation. It refers to changing of the breasts and chest wall through either surgery or other techniques. Women of all age get it done and the purpose is to change the size, shape, look or texture of the breasts. Breast enlargement is also known as a boob job in common language and it refers to the procedure which is done for aesthetics strictly.

Types of Breast Enlargement

The types of breast enlargement can be used for reconstructive and aesthetic purposes too. There are two types of breast enlargement that we will talk about which are as follows:

Breast Implants

The two types of common devices of breast implants are saline implants having saline solution and silicone implants with viscous silicone solution. Before the surgery, a device is put inside the receiving pocket to enlarge the area and then the procedure is performed by placing the implant in the pocket.

Autologous Fat Grafting

In this procedure, to increase the site of the receiving, a kind of fat graft injection is applied to the site. During the procedure, the fat graft of adipocyte tissue is transferred to the site. The tissue is taken from the woman’s body itself.

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